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Dana Deasy: 4 Strategic Areas in DoD’s Digital Modernization Back National Defense Strategy

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Dana Deasy

Dana Deasy, chief information officer at the Defense Department, has said cyber; cloud; artificial intelligence; and command, control and communications are the four digital modernization areas that support the National Defense Strategy.

Deasy said Wednesday at a Defense Systems-hosted conference that DoD works with the U.S. Cyber Command, federal agencies and industry to counter cyber threats through cyber tools and policy implementation, the department reported Wednesday.

He also cited the need for an enterprise cloud platform to support warfighters and the formation of the joint artificial intelligence center, which he said will help DoD deliver AI capabilities to service personnel.

“When I think about cloud, and AI, and all of the advanced capabilities we want to bring to the warfighter, I think about making sure the warfighter has the right comms and the right information at the right time,” Deasy said.

“And the same goes for our mission partners,” he added.

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