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CBO: Quantum Info Scie-Tech Advancement Bill Would Cost $1.1B Over 5 Years

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A Congressional Budget Office report says a proposed House bill that seeks to advance quantum information science and technology research efforts would cost $1.1 billion to implement from fiscal years 2019 through 2023.

CBO said Friday it also projects that enacting the National Quantum Initiative Act would not raise net direct spending or budget deficit within the four consecutive 10-year periods beginning 2029.

The bill would establish a national quantum coordination office to oversee interagency activities and facilitate public outreach programs in that field.

Under the legislation, the Energy Department, National Institute of Standards and Technology and National Science Foundation would receive funds to implement quantum research efforts.

The bill would provide a $125 million annual budget to help DOE run quantum information science research centers; another $80 million to help NIST finance commercial development efforts in that area; and $50 million to help NSF introduce a quantum research and education program.

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