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Jim Bridenstine: NASA Supports White House’s New Space Policy Directive

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Jim Bridenstine

NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine has said the agency supports President Donald Trump’s move to enforce a new directive that seeks to increase the security and safety of U.S. space systems.

“[Space Policy Directive-3] builds on our continued progress implementing SPD-1, which is galvanizing American space leadership by returning to the Moon with commercial and international partners, and SPD-2, which will create regulatory certainty for entrepreneurs to raise capital to grow the American economy in space,” Brindenstine said in a statement published Tuesday.

He added the agency will coordinate with the National Space Council, Commerce Department and other government partners to implement SPD-3.

President Trump signed the directive Monday at an NSC meeting, where he also instructed the Defense Department to form a space force that would serve as the sixth military branch.

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