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Jim Bridenstine Discusses NASA-Related Policies on Commercial Space

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Jim Bridenstine

NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine discussed during the recent Space Transportation Association luncheon the space policy directives involving the agency and the Trump administration’s commercial space projects, Space News reported Thursday.

Bridenstine noted that Space Policy Directive 1 is the most relevant directive to NASA as it directs the organization to resume sending humans to the moon as part of a broader effort to conduct missions to Mars.

Space Policy Directive 2, meanwhile,  is critical of NASA as it includes modifications to commercial space regulations such as simplified launch licensing processes and the formation of a single entity within the Commerce Department to oversee regulatory issues.

Bridenstine said NASA adheres to launch licensing reform to manage the emerging role of commercial companies in the agency’s missions, adding, “We are very keen on making sure that regulatory environment is good because it decreases our costs and increases our access.”

The NASA official also disclosed that the next space directive, which will likely be announced on June 18, will be based on Vice President Mike Pence’s speech at the 34th Space Symposium in April.

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