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Heather Nauert: Unauthorized Disclosure of Info Could Jeopardize State Dept Operations

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Heather Nauert

Heather Nauert, a spokesperson for the State Department, reportedly held a meeting to talk about the recent leaks at the agency, Axios reported Thursday.

A source familiar with the public affairs meeting said those leaks involved the release of an article about the plan to retain Brett McGurk, a special envoy appointed under the Obama administration, for another six months and a news story on Palestinian funding.

“The unauthorized release of information, whether it’s classified or not, is always a concern of the State Department,” Nauert told Axios.

“It can jeopardize ongoing operations and negotiations in which the State Department is involved,” she added.

Nauert noted that the diplomatic security bureau serves as the law enforcement and security arm of the State Department with a mission to “provide a secure environment for the conduct of U.S. foreign policy.”

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