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DLA, Transcom Introduce Defense Freight Transportation Services Contract

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The Defense Logistics Agency and the U.S. Transportation Command launched on Feb. 12 a follow-on contract to the Defense Transportation Coordination Initiative.

DLA said Monday the launch of the Defense Freight Transportation Services contract came six years after the agency’s distribution division and headquarters transportation policy started to work with Transcom to draft the performance work statement and move the contract to the source selection process.

Sherri Troup, head of distribution transportation operations at DLA, noted about the changes in the DFTS contract.

“All eligible freight not covered under other contracts is included as well as visibility of pricing, which are both features not included in the previous contract,” Troup said.

DLA and the Defense Contract Management Agency have become the primary users of the DFTS contract, which also offers a three-tier pricing strategy and tracking of key performance indicators.

DTCI was introduced in 2008 to allow commercial third-party vendors to coordinate and manage transportation requirements in order to facilitate shipments across the Defense Department.

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