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White House to Impose 25% Tariffs on Chinese Products to Address ‘Unfair’ Trade Practices

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President Donald Trump has proposed to impose an additional 25 percent tariffs on certain products in response to China’s unfair trade practices that harm American innovation.

A White House fact sheet published Thursday says the proposed tariffs would impact information communication technology, aerospace and machinery sectors.

The Treasury Department will work with other agencies to introduce restrictions on Chinese investments in “sensitive” U.S.-made technology systems.

The U.S. Trade Representative will also address the Asian country’s “discriminatory” licensing processes for technologies through a dispute proceeding with the World Trade Organization.

The White House’s actions are based on the results of a USTR investigation launched in August 2017.

The investigation found that China uses joint venture arrangements and other foreign ownership restrictions to coerce U.S. firms to facilitate technology transfer to Chinese companies and that the country backs cyber intrusions to gain access to U.S. companies’ trade secrets and other commercial data.

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