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Report: White House Management Agenda Cites IT Modernization, Data Use as Transformation Drivers

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The White House has released President Donald Trump’s management agenda that aims to modernize the federal government through mission, delivery of public services and stewardship of taxpayer funds, Nextgov reported Tuesday.

The president’s management agenda unveiled Tuesday in Kansas City, Missouri, will work to achieve those goals through three drivers of transformation that include information technology modernization efforts; data, accountability and transparency programs; and the need to align the federal workforce with evolving mission requirements.

Margaret Weichert, deputy director for management at the Office of Management and Budget, told the publication the White House Office of American Innovation will continue to serve as a “catalytic engine” on federal IT modernization initiatives and work with OMB on such efforts.

“But we are definitely, with the launch of the president’s management agenda and the launch of the Technology Modernization Fund and the centers of excellence, we’re in the execution phase,” Weichert said.

“This is a journey we will be on and we will be working as a team across the executive branch,” she added.

The agenda noted that that administration seeks to improve the federal government’s information systems to facilitate the delivery of public services.

Such a goal calls for the adoption of cloud-based email and collaboration tools to enhance citizen-facing services, deployment of cybersecurity platforms to address cyber risks and development of a modern IT workforce, according to the document.

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