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Report: DHS Plans Govt Internet Connection Program Revamp to Facilitate Cloud Adoption

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The Department of Homeland Security aims to update the Trusted Internet Connection  program to account for cloud computing and cybersecurity initiatives across the federal government, FCW reported Tuesday.

The TIC 3.0 update is intended to guide agencies amid a continued increase in cloud adoption efforts and mobile device usage.

Mark Bunn, a program manager at DHS’ Federal Network Resilience Division, said at a cloud security event hosted by FCW on Tuesday that the average agency works with eight different cloud service providers and all agencies use 228 CSPs combined.

Bunn added DHS wants to mitigate network problems that arise when agencies handle data that is located off-premise.

The Office of Management and Budget issued the initial TIC mandate in 2007 as part of a push to limit access points from government networks to the public internet.

In late 2017, the White House released an information technology modernization plan that directs OMB, DHS and the General Services Administration to deliver draft updates to TIC by June 30.

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