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Navy Begins to Implement Surface Fleet Review Recommendations

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The U.S. Navy has started to implement recommendations from a review of accidents involving the service branch’s surface ships in an effort to boost fleet safety and readiness.

Adm. Bill Moran, vice chief of naval operations, directed Adm. Phil Davidson, head of the U.S. Fleet Forces Command, to conduct the Comprehensive Review of Surface Force Incidents after the Navy faced three ship collisions and one grounding last year, the military branch said Monday.

“The comprehensive review found that over a sustained period of time, rising pressure to meet operational demands led those in command to rationalize declining standards – standards in fundamental seamanship and watchstanding skills, teamwork, operational safety, assessment and a professional culture,” said Adm. John Richardson, chief of naval operations.

The report assessed the Navy’s surface ship mishaps in the last decade and recommended the establishment of “firebreaks” and employment systems that can help prevent a decline in operational safety standards.

The Naval Surface Force, U.S. Pacific and U.S. Atlantic fleets will work together to lead the implementation of recommended actions and monitor changes across the Navy surface fleet.

The team will include representatives from the Naval Sea Systems Command, Space and Naval Warfare Systems Command, Naval Personnel Command, Naval Education and Training Command and other relevant commands.

The Navy has adopted 11 recommendations so far and is focused on applying all suggested changes.

Other initiatives that are under consideration include a bridge resource management workshop; a course for junior officers of the deck; evaluations of deck officers; and prospective commanding officer competency checkpoint assessments.

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