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President Trump Approves 2-Week Govt Funding Extension

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President Donald Trump on Friday signed another continuing resolution that would fund the federal government at current spending levels through Dec. 22, Bloomberg reported Friday.

Trump signed the CR a day after Congress passed the stopgap funding measure to avoid a government shutdown and after the president reached a “tentative agreement” with House and Senate leaders to increase defense spending as part of a budget package.

The House Freedom Caucus has called on House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wisconsin) to negotiate with Democrats to approve a measure that would authorize higher defense funding without an increase in domestic spending levels.

The caucus also wants to link the fiscal 2018 defense spending bill to another stopgap measure that would extend government funding through January.

The report noted that Congress is likely to tackle a possible increase in the debt limit after a three-month debt ceiling suspension approved in September expired Friday.

The Treasury Department has extraordinary measures worth approximately $250 billion and $80 billion in additional cash, which the Congressional Budget Office said can be used by the department to extend the debt ceiling through March or early April, the report added.

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