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Army, Foreign Researchers Initiate Cyberspace Disinformation Research Effort

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U.S. Army researchers, along with Ukrainian and Bulgarian scientists have joined to commence a global research effort to study disinformation attacks occurring in cyberspace.

The Army said Tuesday it has partnered with researchers from the Bulgarian Defense Institute; Chernihiv National University of Technology; and the National Technical University of Ukraine to administer the Cyber Rapid Analysis for Defense Awareness of Real-time Situation or CyRADARS project.

Dr. Alexander Kott, chief scientist at the Army Research Lab, stated that the research team will be entailed to study and develop theoretical foundations, methods and approaches to detect fake information and deliver fast notifications of disinformation.

“Information attacks have emerged as a major concern of societies worldwide,” Kott said.

“They come under different names and in different flavors: fake news, disinformation, political astroturfing, influence operations,” he added.

The study will build on observed real life disinformation instances such as those that have occurred against Ukraine.

The ARL will contribute published research results and predictive theories and algorithms that aim to explain the movement of opinions and integrity through a network.

CyRADARS will also employ an open campus model that allows outsiders to contribute their findings and insights to the research effort.

“Within the context of CyRADARS, students and faculty from Ukraine and Bulgaria will be able to come to ARL and use ARL’s Open Campus facilities and test beds while working on joint projects with ARL scientists,” Kott said.

The research will be conducted in a virtual networked laboratory connecting the four institutions involved.

The NATO-funded effort was launched Nov. 14 to 15 and supports the organization’s Science for Peace and Security Program that aims to promote science and technology collaborations between NATO nations and non-NATO partners.

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