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DoD Unveils AT&L Reorganization Plan as Senate Confirms Ellen Lord Acquisition Chief

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The Defense Department has released its plan to split the undersecretary for acquisition, technology and logistics role into two positions in which an undersecretary will focus on acquisition and sustainment – USDA&S – and another one will handle research and engineering functions – USDR&E – as part of a reorganization effort, Defense News reported Wednesday.

DoD also proposed the creation of a chief management officer position under the new acquisition structure it submitted to Congress on Tuesday in compliance with the fiscal 2017 National Defense Authorization Act.

The DoD report said the new USDR&E role will oversee five offices and these include the:

  • Defense Science Board
  • Missile Defense Agency
  • Strategic Intelligence Analysis Cell
  • Assistant defense secretary research and technology
  • Assistant defense secretary for advanced capabilities

Three offices will operate under the ASD for research and tech organization and these include the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency as well as the deputy assistant defense secretaries for laboratories and personnel and for research and technology investments.

The ASD for advanced capabilities organization will have four units and these include the Defense Innovation Unit Experimental; Strategic Capabilities Office; DASD for prototyping and experimentation; and DASD for mission engineering and integration.

The USDA&S position will oversee three offices: ASD for acquisition; ASD for sustainment; and ASD for nuclear, chemical and biological weapons.

The ASD for acquisition office will be responsible for four sub-offices that include the DASD for defense procurement and DASD for industrial base, while the ASD for sustainment will manage three units that include the DASD for material readiness as well as the Defense Logistics Agency.

On Tuesday, the Senate approved the nomination of former Textron Systems President and CEO Ellen Lord as the department’s acquisition chief.

Lord will oversee the current AT&L office and is expected to be reconfirmed to serve as undersecretary for acquisition and sustainment once DoD implements the new organizational structure in February.

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