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Report: DHS Advisory Group to Produce Reports on Botnet Attack Mitigation

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A group of advisers within the Department of Homeland Security‘s National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee will release two reports on how the U.S. government can counter cyber attacks carried out by networks of compromised devices, know as botnets, Nextgov reported Friday.

Sonus Networks CEO Raymond Dolan, chairman of NSTAC’s Internet and Communications Resilience Subcommittee, said the first report will include ways to expand existing technologies to prevent hackers from adding personal computers and other devices into botnet groups.

Dolan added that the first report will also cover measures to fight botnet attacks and will be issued to DHS and Commerce Department leaders in October.

The subcommittee plans to produce an initial draft of the first report in August and has called on 20 subject matter experts to provide information on botnets, Dolan noted.

The group has yet to set a due date for the second report, which will explore methods to mitigate the formation and growth of botnet armies, according to Dolan.

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