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Inspector General: DoD Needs to Improve Foreign Military Support Program Mgmt

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The Defense Department‘s office of inspector general has urged DoD to address management and reporting issues facing a program that authorizes the U.S. military to help boost foreign security forces’ capacity to perform counterterrorism and stability operations.

The OIG said in a report published Friday it assessed the results and execution of the department’s Global Train and Equip Program, which was created through Section 1206/2282 of the National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2006.

DoD has yet to fully develop the program; establish a strategy with specific objectives and an execution plan; and allocate necessary personnel and resources to manage the program, according to the OIG.

The office also found that the project proposal guidance was not adequately instructive or implemented and that project proposals did not consistently include data or analysis to support prioritization based on projected costs, benefits, and risks.

DoD’s performance measurement approach did not sufficiently show progress with respect to program goals, and Section 1206 reports to Congress, DoD and State Department leaders did not contain enough information to describe the program’s impact on U.S. counterterrorism and stability efforts.

The OIG offered 15 recommendations, including the assignment of a lead manager that can plan and execute the program’s mission as well as produce a comprehensive implementation plan.

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