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Mike Pompeo: CIA to Build Up Defense Efforts Against Insider Threats, Data Theft

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Mike Pompeo

CIA Director Mike Pompeo has said his agency will continue its information security efforts to prevent data theft and the release of U.S. intelligence data by WikiLeaks and other activists, Nextgov reported Thursday.

Joseph Marks writes Pompeo said during a speech Thursday at the Center for Strategic and International Studies that the CIA continues to assess its digital measures against insider threats and aims to implement changes to address digital concerns.

“While I can’t go into detail about the exact steps, I can assure you our defenses will not be static, our approach to security must be constantly evolving,” Pompeo added.

His remarks came days after Symantec disclosed that a cyber espionage group called “Longhorn” launched cyber attacks through the use of tools and protocols linked to the Vault 7 leak of alleged CIA-backed hacking devices.

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