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John Kelly: DHS Partners With Industry to Protect Federal Networks from Cyber Attacks

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John Kelly

John Kelly, secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, has said DHS has collaborated with industry to update outdated information technology systems as part of efforts to safeguard the federal government’s data infrastructure from cyber attacks.

Kelly said in a speech delivered Tuesday at George Washington University’s Center for Cyber and Homeland Security such a partnership with the commercial sector seeks to build up cyber resilience in the country’s physical and digital infrastructure.

“By integrating their cutting-edge, commercially-available technology with our interagency partner’s unique capabilities, we can aggressively defend our federal networks against the endless stream of cyber attacks.”

“Our federal cybersecurity needs heavy artillery,” he added.

He noted that cybersecurity is one of the priorities of DHS and discussed how the department works to promote a culture that allows organizations to build up their cyber defense strategies against cyber attacks.

Kelly also cited the U.S. Secret Service‘s efforts to help prevent approximately $500 million in cyber losses in 2016.

Other issues Kelly discussed during his speech include terrorism, transnational criminal organizations, human smuggling, drug trade and border security.

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