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Iowa Army Natl Guard Pilots Train on UH-60 Flight Simulator at Camp Dodge

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The Iowa Army National Guard’s UH-60 helicopter pilots and crew members have trained on an updated home-station flight training system at the Camp Dodge Joint Maneuver Training Center in Johnston, Iowa.

The Black Hawk Aircrew Trainer is designed to help pilots operate the Sikorsky-built utility helicopter under adverse weather conditions, cloud cover, icing and enemy fires, the Iowa National Guard said Thursday.

“The BAT allows us to train pilots in situations we hope they never find themselves in whether it be emergency procedures we cannot simulate in the aircraft, or to train pilots in threat scenarios,” said Travis Vanlengen, Army Chief Warrant Officer 2.

Vanlengen added the system aids training for emergency procedures in the event of engine failure, in-flight fire, tail rotor malfunction and other mechanical issues.

Army Chief Warrant Officer 4 Steven Stumbo said the implementation of BAT at Camp Dodge will help Iowa pilots to complete annual 18-hour simulator training requirement.

The trainer is equipped with a screen technology that works to help airmen conduct missions using a full night-vision goggle.

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