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GAO: DHS Should Set Time Frame to Identify Non-Major Purchases

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The Government Accountability Office has recommended that the Department of Homeland Security establish a time frame for DHS component agencies to identify acquisitions that are less than $300 million.

GAO said Thursday it found that DHS components lack information to effectively manage non-major acquisition programs because they cannot “confidently” identify such projects.

DHS agencies recorded more than $6 billion in non-major procurements as of October 2016 but eight of 11 components could not identify all of these acquisitions, GAO added.

Auditors also found that 23 of 38 active non-major acquisitions do not have approved program baselines that establish costs, schedule and performance parameters.

Active acquisitions with authorized baselines are valued at $3.4 million while acquisitions without approved baselines are worth $3 million in total, GAO reported.

Some DHS components did not require approved baselines at the start of fiscal year 2017, but DHS directed agency leadership to review baselines for non-major acquisitions in response to GAO’s preliminary findings in February.

DHS has also required components to identify all non-major acquisitions by Oct. 31.

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