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FCC Proposes to End Regulation of Internet as Public Utility

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The Federal Communications Commission wants public comments on a plan to put an end to a regulatory framework that treats internet as a public utility and restore internet freedom through the reinstatement of market-based policies.

FCC said Thursday it plans to re-establish the classification of broadband internet access as an information service and scrap the internet conduct standard.

The agency also has proposed to oversee internet service providers’ privacy practices, reassess its enforcement regime to determine whether ex-ante regulatory involvement is needed and reinstate the classification of mobile broadband access as a private mobile service.

The commission also wants to lift the bright-line regulations in the agency’s Title II Order and carry out a cost-benefit analysis of keeping the internet conduct rule and classification of broadband internet as a telecommunications service, among other measures.

Responses to the notice of proposed rulemaking are due July 17, while feedback on submitted comments will be accepted through August 16.

FCC released the notice a week after FCC Chairman Ajit Pai met with executives of tech companies to seek feedback on his plan to overturn certain aspects of “net neutrality” rules.

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