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Boeing Inks $3B Passenger Aircraft Supply Deal With Iran Aseman Airlines

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Boeing has signed a potential $3 billion deal to supply 30 737 MAX passenger aircraft to Iran Aseman Airlines.

The memorandum of agreement will also provide the Iranian carrier with rights to procure 30 additional Boeing-built 737 MAX planes, Boeing said Tuesday.

Boeing entered into the transaction after the U.S. government validated that Iran had satisfied requirements of a 2015 nuclear agreement.

The company expects to begin deliveries by 2022 and will seek approval from the Treasury Department’s office of foreign assets control over its deal with the airline that is expected to create approximately 18,000 U.S. jobs.

Aerospace analysts said Boeing’s sales deals with Iran would test the priorities of President Donald Trump, who has vowed to protect U.S. industries and employees from foreign competition and apposed a nuclear agreement with the Middle Eastern country, according to a report by Rick Gladstone for the New York Times.

The potential deal with Iran Aseman Airlines came months after Boeing signed a potential $16.6 billion contract in December 2016 to produce and supply 80 passenger aircraft to Iran Air.

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