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Air Force Seeks to Boost Crisis Response Capacity With Unit C2 Platform

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U.S. Air Force acquisition personnel have begun to update the service branch’s Unit Command and Control system in an effort to boost soldiers’ crisis response capacity and help commanders gain access to data on assets in military exercises or real-world settings.

The service branch said Tuesday the UC2 system is designed to generate checklists, updated lists and locations of transportation aircraft, assets and fire-fighting units to provide situational awareness data that can help increase accountability for everyday operations.

Capt. Kurt Carlson, UC2 program manager, said three Air Combat Command and two non-ACC bases will receive the platform within the next 90 days in addition to the Shaw, Tinker, Moody and Mountain Home Air Force bases that currently operate the UC2 system.

Carlson’s team partnered with Leidos to integrate feedback from various installations on the UC2 program as well as to manage the security of the application on Non-classified Internet Protocol Router and Secure Internet Protocol Router networks.

Second Lt. Michael Byon, cyber security engineer assigned to the UC2 program, said the service branch scans the system regularly to comply with National Institute of Standards and Technology‘s security protocols.

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