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DoD Exempts Certain Civilian Positions From Hiring Freeze

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The Defense Department has exempted certain civilian positions from the federal hiring freeze that President Donald Trump ordered in a Jan.23 presidential memorandum.

DoD released guidance that lists civilian roles necessary to support national security or public safety responsibilities, the Pentagon said Thursday.

Defense Secretary James Mattis identified necessary functions such as roles that support contingency missions; scheduled military operations; security cooperation exercises; cyber, intelligence and space operations or planning; and healthcare activities.

Other exemptions include first responder and law enforcement positions; roles that are necessary to enforce international obligations; personnel that provide operational support to the president, defense secretary or chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff; and care providers of military personnel’s children.

Mattis also excluded functions that are necessary for nuclear weapon safety, mortuary affairs and direct equipment maintenance and inventory management in shipyards and depots.

The guidance directed the deputy chief management officer and contracted services managers to make sure that contracts will not be used to circumvent the hiring freeze.

The DoD memo also includes processes and procedures for the approval of additional exemptions.

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