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Commerce Dept Seeks Comments on Revised Confidentiality Pledge in BEA Surveys

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The Commerce Department has asked the public to comment on a proposed revision to the confidentiality pledge the bureau of economic analysis gives to survey respondents as part of the International Investment and Trade in Services Survey Act.

The department’s BEA said in a Federal Register notice posted Feb. 13 the revision is in compliance with the Cybersecurity Enhancement Act of 2015.

The cybersecurity law requires the implementation of the Einstein 3A cyber protection platform designed to secure agencies’ information technology systems such as the monitoring of the Commerce Department’s online traffic.

The revised confidentiality pledge will include the sentence “Per the Cybersecurity Enhancement Act of 2015, your data are protected from cybersecurity risks through security monitoring of the BEA information systems.”

The revised pledge will cover several data collection titles and numbers such as the Quarterly Survey of U.S. Direct Investment Board, Annual Survey of Foreign Direct Investment in the U.S. and Foreign Ocean Carriers’ Expenses in the U.S.

The department will accept comments from federal agencies and the public through April 14.

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