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CNAS Report: DoD Should Take New Approach to Mobile Device Procurement, Adopt BYOD Model

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mobile device managementThe Center for a New American Security has said the Defense Department should implement a new approach to the acquisition of commercial mobile devices and introduce changes to its policies in an effort to advance workforce mobility and update information systems.

CNAS made the recommendation in the report “Leveraging Commercial Technology: Early Adoption of Emerging Mobility in the Pentagon.”

The Pentagon should work to implement a bring-your-own-device model in order to keep pace with technology advancements and realize the potential benefits of mobile device adoption, CNAS noted.

CNAS also recommended for DoD to launch a program based on a corporate-owned business-only model in order to facilitate the deployment of commercial-off-the-shelf tablets and handsets to employees as part of the adoption of a BYOD model.

“As the technology is verified and the BYOD model gains support, DoD can adjust policy as required and scale up over time, modernizing information technology infrastructure gradually to support and shift more capabilities to mobile devices as appropriate,” CNAS added.

Ben FitzGerald, director of the technology and national security program at CNAS, co-wrote the report with Alexandra Sander, a research associate at CNAS’ technology and national security program.

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