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Naval Research Chief Mat Winter Meets NRL Team to Talk Science, Tech Priorities

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mathias-winter-nrl-visitNaval Research Chief and Rear Adm. Mat Winter met with scientists and researchers at the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory Nov. 8 on a scheduled visit to the institution’s facilities.

Winter addressed the top science and technology priorities of the U.S. Navy and learned about work done by NRL employees, the organization said Wednesday.

“There’s only one Naval Research Laboratory and you should be proud about that, proud about the identity, proud about the history — more than 90 years you stand on the shoulders of incredible giants across all the disciplines, and your successors will be standing on your shoulders,” Winter said.

“Admiral Winter has been very supportive of our efforts here at the lab and his support has really paid off for us over the last couple of years,” said Capt. Mark Bruington, NRL’s commanding officer.

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