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Marine Corps Unveils New Man-Portable Media System for Broadcasting; Kenneth Kunze Comments

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public-affairs-live-media-engagement-systemThe U.S. Marine Corps has developed a new media system to help the service branch broadcast a story that currently occurs anywhere around the world and replace the former Public Affairs News Link System.

The Marine Corps said Sept. 19 the Public Affairs Live Media Engagement System offers a capacity to stream live video, conduct media interviews and upload content online using a setup composed of a wireless microphone, video camcorder, video encoder and ground satellite terminal.

PALMES includes a satellite that weighs approximately 45 pounds to offer a capacity for assembly, usage and disassembly in less than 10 minutes as the new internet connection feature provides users with access to the web for content upload.

“PALMES fits in a backpack, and connects to the internet via satellite,” said Kenneth Kunze, Marine Corps Systems Command project officer.

“Running off longer lasting batteries, which will last up to six hours, PA Marines can interview and upload media coverage without being tied to one location.”

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