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Sean Stackley: Navy Initiates Talks With Congress Over Rapid Prototyping Funds

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investment money exchangeSean Stackley, acquisition chief at the Department of the Navy, has said the Navy has initiated talks with lawmakers to explain the service branch’s reprogramming request that seeks to fund rapid fielding and prototyping initiatives in an effort to keep pace with evolving threats, USNI reported Friday.

Megan Eckstein writes Stackley, assistant secretary of the Navy for research, development and acquisition, said that the service branch also wants lawmakers to understand their oversight responsibilities in the rapid prototyping process.

“We want them to understand the process that we’re using, for identifying and prioritizing the needs, these needs that we want to move out on,” Stackley told USNI News.

“And not just the process: how do they then monitor that process so they can see how we’re selecting, but equally important, how we’re executing the funds that they entrust with us,” he added.

Stackley told the publication that dependence on mid-year reprogramming requests to address the military branch’s urgent requirements and facilitate technology deployment is not a reliable process.

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