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Report: Russia to Collaborate with China in Response to U.S. Missile Defense Program

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MissileDefenseLt. Gen. Viktor Poznikhir, first deputy head of the main operations department for Russia’s general staff, said the country will work with China to develop a response to the U.S. missile defense program, the Washington Free Beacon reported Tuesday.

Morgan Chalfant writes the two nations have began efforts to counter the U.S. missile defense program and cited joint military drills that Russia and China have held in the South China Sea such as exercises on missile strike defense.

“The missile defense system considerably shifts the balance of offensive weapons, allowing the planning of a more efficient pre-emptive strike,” said Poznikhir.

“Russian military experts believe that the U.S. hopes to gain the capability to strike any region of the world, including Russia and China, with nuclear-tipped missiles with impunity.”

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