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NASA Develops Clean Room to Support the ISAAC Robot with Composite Materials Devt Mission

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isaac-clean-roomNASA researchers have constructed a clean room to support the Integrated Structural Assembly of Advanced Composites robot with a mission to discover new methods of composite material development for air and space vehicles.

The space agency said Saturday construction of the $750,000 air-tight temperature- and moisture-controlled enclosure finished in July and the facility will support ISAAC robot through work to build experimental composite structures.

NASA built the enclosure to give researchers an option to precisely control air temperature and humidity to use both factors as a variable in experiments that involved the creation of composite structures.

“The idea was to create a capability that’s a unique research asset for the agency,” said Brian Stewart, NASA Langley Research Center engineer.

“The entire plan was to have the robotic platform as a motion base, have the heads as processing alternatives and then have the environmental capability to do this kind of stuff that we haven’t seen before.”

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