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Army Natick Soldier R&D and Engineering Center Introduces New Harness Design for Fragment Protection

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military in trainingResearchers at the U.S. Army Natick Soldier Research, Development and Engineering Center have patented a new harness design they created to protect wearers from blast debris in specifically the groin and femoral artery areas.

The Army said Thursday the team made the harness design to provide fragment protection and help prevent debris embedding in the groin area which may lead to extreme discomfort along with health and hygiene issues.

“The protection that existed before was letting debris in because it wasn’t fitted close enough to the body,” said Cara Tuttle, an NSRDEC clothing designer and design lead.

NSRDEC’s human factors and anthropology teams have partnered to created the design that worked to provide movement and range of motion through adjustable straps and buckles used for doffing and donning functions.

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