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Report: DHS Draft Cyber Incident Response Plan Goes to Stakeholders

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cyberThe Department of Homeland Security has circulated a draft of the National Cyber Incident Response Plan to stakeholders for final comment, FCW reported Tuesday.

Sean Carberry writes FCW obtained a copy of the draft plan which stated that NCIRP aims to support a coordinated nationwide approach to response activities during cyber incidents that impact critical infrastructure.

NCIRP’s response activities will include threat and asset response; intelligence support and related activities; and affected entities’ response efforts, Carberry reported.

The draft states private sector entities should report incidents that “meet the required reporting thresholds” even if they can address the event through internal resources or service providers, FCW said.

DHS will facilitate a 30-day comment period for the draft and the department aims to finalize NCIRP before the next president takes office, according to the report.

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