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White House Holds Community Policing Discussions With Law Enforcement Agencies

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WhiteHouseThe White House has started to conduct discussions on community policing best practices with law enforcement agencies since June in collaboration with the Justice Department.

Jerry Abramson, deputy assistant to the president and director of intergovernmental affairs, wrote in a blog post published Wednesday the White House has partnered with DOJ’s office of community oriented policing services to convene at least 300 local law enforcement organizations and discuss the recommendations by the 21st century policing task force.

The task force works to provide recommendations that seek to help law enforcement agencies and communities build up trust and promote collaboration as well as draft policies to reduce crimes through community-based partnerships.

The use of social media to increase public trust, officer safety, implicit bias and the Police Data Initiative are among the topics discussed during the briefings, Abramson noted.

The Police Data Initiative seeks to allow police departments to gather and publish data on community policing efforts, he wrote.

He also announced that the White House will hold a series of discussions on community policing efforts on Sept. 8, 16 and 28.

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