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Report: Obama’s Statement Revives US-Israel Disagreement Over Iran Nuclear Pact

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Nuclear powerplantOpposing views between the U.S. and Israel over Iran’s nuclear deal with six world powers have resurfaced after President Barack Obama said Israel has started to recognize that the 2015 deal “has been a game changer,” Defense News reported Sunday.

Barbara Opall-Rome writes Obama made the remarks during a press conference Thursday at the Pentagon and alluded to a January speech made by Lt. Gen. Gadi Eizenkot, chief of staff of the Israel Defense Forces, on Iran’s Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action.

The report said Eizenkot called the U.S.-led nuclear agreement as “significantly changing the vector that Iran has been on.”

Obama’s statement comes after Eizenkot and Maj. Gen. Amikam Norkin, head of planning for Eizenkot, concluded a one-week visit to the U.S., Opall-Rome reports.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu also issued a statement that calls for opposing countries to collaborate in an effort to address Iran’s regional aggression as well as disable its terror network worldwide, according to the report.

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