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Frank Kendall Observes ARL’s Tech Development Efforts Under Third Offset Strategy

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U.S. Army photo
U.S. Army photo

Pentagon acquisition chief Frank Kendall met with scientists and engineers at the Army Research Laboratory to observe technologies that ARL currently develops under the Defense Department‘s Third Offset Strategy to pursue new autonomous and artificial intelligence platforms.

The U.S. Army said Friday Kendall inspected projects the ARL views as in line with the Third Offset Strategy.

Kendall also discussed DoD’s efforts to update acquisition practices and investment strategies to support the future force and learned about ARL’s Open Campus Initiative that aims to foster collaboration between the laboratory and organizations in academia, industry and government on research projects to support the Army.

Army neuroscientist Jean Vettel demonstrated a system that works to facilitate teaming functions between humans and computers on activities such as target identification, the Army noted.

Vettel’s team develops the human-machine collaboration technology using funds from the Autonomy Research Pilot Initiative of the Office of the Secretary of Defense.

Researchers also presented ground and air robotics that aim to explore new environments, share intelligence and support manned-unmanned interfaces.

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