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Army Turbine Engine Modernization Program to Enter Technology Maturation, Risk Reduction Phase

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The U.S. Army has completed the material solution analysis phase of a program that aims to develop a turboshaft engine in an effort modernize the service branch’s fleet of Apache and Black Hawk helicopters.

The Army said Monday the Improved Turbine Engine Program is set to enter the technology maturation and risk reduction phase in line with the Defense Department‘s acquisition framework.

ITEP goals are supported by the Advanced Affordable Turbine Engine program, which works to validate technologies and mitigate transition risks to achieve a 3,000-horsepower engine for future Army rotorcraft platforms.

The Army Aviation and Missile Research, Development and Engineering Center’s aviation development directorate led AATE efforts which involves separate contracts with General Electric and the Advanced Turbine Engine Company, according to Anastasia Kozup, AATE agreements technical agent.

AATE first launched in 2014 with full engine system demonstrations which involves performance, durability, and sand tests.

The program’s goal is to develop an engine that could provide 50 percent more power with the same weight as the current T700 engine as well as feature inlet particle separation technologies, erosion resistant coatings and ruggedized blades.

AATE also aims to address fuel efficiency as well as the range, payload and hot and high operational capacity of Apache, Black Hawk and other rotorcraft fleets.

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