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Army Directive Seeks to Retain More Noncommissioned Officers

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army stock photoArmy Secretary Eric Fanning has signed a directive that aims to establish new policies for the service branch to retain high-performing noncommissioned officers.

The U.S. Army said Friday the “Retaining a Quality Noncommissioned Officer Corps” directive will affect the entire enlisted spectrum and make changes to the Bar to the Continued Service Program, NCO Career Status Program and Retention Control Point System.

“The big change… is that the (Bar to the Continued Service Program) now affects all enlisted ranks,” said Sgt. Maj. Michael Kouneski, Fort Jackson’s command career counselor.

Kouneski added soldiers with unsatisfactory performance can now be barred from continued service despite being in the indefinite reenlistment program.

Candidates will be reviewed through three- to six-month periods before separation procedures start under the Bar to Continued Service program, the Army added.

The directive requires soldiers to wait until their 12th year of service before they could apply for reenlistment under the NCO Career Status Program.

The directive will also shorten the number of years senior NCOs can stay in the Army by reducing retention control point levels for sergeants 1st class through sergeants major.

Changes to the Retention Control Point System will take effect over a three-year period.

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