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NGA to Provide Geospatial Response Support Services to Flooded West Virginia

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NGA-logoThe National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency will provide geospatial and damage assessment services to the Federal Emergency Management Agency for first responders to use in areas affected by floods across West Virginia.

NGA said Friday that it will supply geospatial data with highlights on severely-flooded areas to help first responders navigate waters and support faster response times to affected residents.

NGA will work with FEMA to deliver location and damage-specific information to local authorities such as county emergency officials, law enforcement officers and the Rhode Island national guard through the use of visualization and web services.

Brian Cameron, NGA disaster analysis and domestic support branch team lead and FEMA liaison, said that NGA’s damage assessment services aim to help first responders quickly determine personnel and resources within a specific affected area.

“We’re coordinating daily with FEMA and regional emergency officials to adjust commercial satellite collection over affected areas,” Cameron said.

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