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Army Expeditionary Sustainment Command Acquires Satcom Tools to Meet Signal Requirements

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tablet-soldier-c4isrA U.S. Army expeditionary sustainment command that works as a deployable command post has acquired a communication system as an alternative platform in an effort to address immediate organic signal requirements, the Army reported Tuesday.

The 593rd ESC used the Rapid Fielding Initiative to purchase program manager-based communications equipment in order to mitigate risks posed by the lack of communication tools, writes Brig. Gen. John “Jack” Haley, 593rd ESC commander.

The report said the equipment consists of satellite communications systems such as secure internet protocol router network/non-secure IP router access point or SNAP land-based satellite terminal and a broadband global area network antenna.

Since the existing BGAN antenna is no longer approved for use on the Defense Information Systems Agency-run International Maritime Satellite Network, the program executive office for command, control and communications-tactical has started to develop BGAN devices and other communications systems.

Haley noted that the 593rd ESC is not authorized to use the SNAP terminal, Transportable Tactical Command Communications systems and other satcom equipment.

“However, as part of its communications mitigation plan, the ESC purchased one reset SNAP terminal plus optional attachments to make it a tri-band, tactical network solution capable of operating with current DISA networks and architecture,” Haley added.

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