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Global Defense Leaders to Address North Korean Ballistic Missile Launches

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MissileDefenseDefense officials from U.S., Japan and South Korea have held a discussion via videoconference regarding recent North Korean missile launches believed to have fallen in the Sea of Japan.

DoD News reported Friday Kelly Magsamen, acting assistant secretary of defense for Asian and Pacific security affairs, Yoo Jeh-seung, South Korea’s deputy defense minister for policy, and Satoshi Maeda, Japan’s director general for defense policy, led the trilateral interagency video conference.

“These and other North Korean missile launches are violations of U.N. Security Council resolutions that explicitly prohibit North Korea’s use of ballistic missile technology,” said Peter Cook, Pentagon press secretary.

The report said U.S. Strategic Command officials confirmed the launch of two Musudan intermediate-range ballistic missiles from North Korea.

DoD News added the three defense leaders urged North Korean officials to refrain from “provocative actions” that affect peace and security that can strengthen the resolve of the international community.

U.S. officials will continue to work with, South Korea, Japan and the international community to address the actions of North Korea, the report said.

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