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Robert Cardillo: NGA Forms New Strategy to Accelerate Interoperability in GEOINT Enterprise System

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Robert Cardillo
Robert Cardillo

National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency Director Robert Cardillo has unveiled a new strategy for the NGA to accelerate development of an integrated enterprise system for the agency’s GEOINT data contributors and customers globally.

The National System for Geospatial Intelligence Strategy 2016 recommends several professionalization, interoperability and unity of effort initiatives, NGA said Monday.

“As a community, we will rethink how we inspire our workforce, define problems, invest resources, execute the mission and satisfy the evolving needs of our customers at a holistic, enterprise level,” noted  Cardillo.

The NSG framework calls for the agency to establish a certification program for its GEOINT professionals and adopt analytic modeling tools that can facilitate discovery of new objects, relationships or behaviors.

NGA also seeks to disseminate geospatial data to authorized users with an open multi-domain architecture as well as to exploit new sources of information through partnerships with industry.

The agency will work with the National Geospatial Intelligence Committee to execute the strategy and evaluate the agency’s progress in addressing GEOINT Enterprise priorities.

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