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Devon Bistarkey: Army Continues Push to Develop Common Operating Picture

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army stock photoThe U.S. Army has completed an operational assessment of the second version of the Command Post Computing Environment picture approach at a Network Integration Evaluation 16.2, the service branch \said May 6.

Devon Bistarkey writes soldier feedback from the assessment will be used to help develop new features that deliver a common operating picture from a common server.

Project Manager Mission Command and Project Manager Distributed Common Ground System-Army co-lead CP CE’s push to provide fires, logistics, intelligence, airspace management and maneuver controls using a common – both shareable and collaborative — operating picture for commanders.

The Command Post of the Future is currently used as the primary common operating picture system to display and share mission command information for an approximate 95 % of the Army — equal to almost 20,000 systems — using a Data Distribution System that fuses data and mission command applications, Bistarkey noted.

The Tactical Server Infrastructure was introduced at NIE 16.2 for its COTS server hardware that delivers a common software framework with common services for use of CP CE in executing operational and intelligence system convergence that facilitates information exchange.

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