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CBO Unveils Online Search Tool for Intergovernmental, Industry Mandates Under UMRA

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websiteThe Congressional Budget Office has added an online search tool on its website for users to find intergovernmental and private sector mandates in bills and public laws that are identified under the Unfunded Mandates Reform Act.

CBO said Tuesday the tool also features background information on the agency’s efforts under UMRA and replaces CBO’s annual report on UMRA activities that has been published for almost 20 years.

CBO said it analyzed 580 bills in 2015 and found 57 with intergovernmental mandates and 82 that have private sector mandates.

The agency added the tool covers data from calendar years 2013 through 2015 and will accommodate periodical additions throughout the year.

From that data, CBO created summary of UMRA activities in 2015 along with the search tool to identify 10 laws that contain intergovernmental mandates and 17 that contain industry mandates.

CBO says none of those laws with intergovernmental mandates in 2015 exceeded the $77 million threshold set by the UMRA law.

Six laws enacted in 2015 have eight mandates CBO estimated to have costs above the $154 million threshold for private sector mandates under UMRA.

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