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Army Reserve ‘Warrior Exercise’ Aims to Train Military Police on Battlefield Support, Detainee Missions

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military in trainingThe U.S. Army Reserve has started a two-week training in May at Fort Hunter-Liggett in California in an effort to train military police personnel on detainee and combat support operations, the Army reported Monday.

Master Sgt. Michel Sauret writes soldiers from the 160th MP battalion and the 56th MP company under the 200th Military Police Command participated in the Warrior Exercise administered by the 91st training division.

The training covers base security, traffic control points establishment, cordon and search operations, convoys with Armored Security Vehicles and High Mobility Multi-Purpose Wheel Vehicles, and weapons training with MK19 grenade launchers, M2 Bradley machine guns and M9 pistols.

The service branch’s training areas for the WAREX training event include virtual simulators, roadways for counter-improvised explosive devices, multiple operational bases, makeshift villages and outposts.

“Our end state, of course, is to bring support to the battlefield, by focusing on the three primary (principles of) shoot, move, communicate,” said Capt. Scott Breseman, 56th MP company commander.

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