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Army Develops Simulation System to Troubleshoot Aviation Communications Modem

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The U.S. Army Aviation and Missile Research, Development and Engineering Center has developed a system that works to troubleshoot the Improved Data Modem software which supports digital message exchange for rotary-wing aircraft.

The service branch said Thursday the IDM Systems Interoperability Lab conducted live, virtual and constructive simulation at the aviation systems integration facility of AMRDEC’s software engineering directorate to track issues in IDM.

Scott Dennis, director of the aviation systems integration facility, said IDM works to send and receive digital messages from multiple products, networks and aircraft with 11 software variations, three hardware variances and four guide documents.

Dennis added the range of involved products and versions make it a challenge to meet project objectives.

He further said SIL is designed to use virtual battlefield simulations to gauge IDM performance in real world scenarios.

SIL worked to identify three defects in the IDM version operational flight program during its software development phase in 2015, Dennis noted.

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