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White House Raises Number of Outcome-Based Feasibility Studies Nationwide

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WhiteHouseThe Obama administration has increased the number of nationwide feasibility studies intended to help the government pay for services that produce outcomes based on requirements.

With Pay For Success (PFS) the government will pay for social services after specific, measurable, and positive outcomes are reached, as opposed to funding upfront.

The White House announced Tuesday that the PFS feasibility studies across the country have reached 58 with the addition of 25 new studies.

The federal government will fund the studies through the Social Innovation Fund (SIF) program at the Corporation for National and Community Service.

The PFS feasibility studies form part of the administration’s initiative to help state and local governments evaluate the use of the PFS program for their priority local challenges.

In additional to the already completed feasibility studies the SIF will also collaborate with a new grantee the Nonprofit Finance Fund to help structure the agreements for nine PFS studies, which is the final step in preparation for project implementation.

SIF grantees engaged in new feasibility studies are:

  •     Corporation for Supportive Housing
  •     Green and Healthy Homes Initiative
  •     Harvard Kennedy School Government Performance Lab
  •     Institute for Child Success
  •     National Council on Crime and Delinquency
  •     Third Sector Capital Partners
  •     University of Utah Sorenson Impact Center

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