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ViON’s Rob Davies: Cloud Mgmt, Support Issues Must Be Laid Out in SLA

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Rob Davies
Rob Davies

Rob Davies, executive vice president of operations at ViON Corp., suggests that the issues of cloud management responsibilities must be specified from the outset of a contract, CIO reported Wednesday.

During a panel discussion hosted by Federal News Radio Davies expressed that service level agreements must define the expectations of both the service provider and the customer during the contract negotiation stage, Kenneth Corbin reports.

Marlon Andrews, deputy chief information officer at the National Archives and Records Administration, told the panel that agencies still face the challenge of defining roles and responsibilities as agencies transition to a new technology environment, according to the report.

“Those are our challenges – not so much writing a contract, but once a contract is in place, how do we move forward in a support model that satisfies the requirements,” he said during the discussion.

“It is laid out in service-level agreements, but then when something goes wrong or you need something done, that’s when the finger-pointing takes place,” Andrews said.

Mark Schwartz, CIO at the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, also said during the discussion that the CIS seeks what he describes as a cloud-native approach to identify cloud applications and manage the migration, CIO reports.

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