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Jason Goldman: White House Adds Mobile Device Compatibility Features to Online Petition Platform

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WhiteHouseJason Goldman, chief digital officer for the White House, reported Thursday that new features have been added to the office’s online petition website.

The updates to We the People are part of a White House effort to form new strategies in its work to address almost half a million petitions submitted for review.

We the People was also refreshed for mobile use to help those who browse the site on a smartphone or tablet create, find or sign petitions online.

The White House also added a new guidance system for creating petitions that narrows down requests to five categories in an effort to address the submission of petitions outside of its jurisdiction and the requirement for response remained at 100,000 signatures within 30 days for the White House to answer a petition.

Goldman added that as of April 20, 446,435 total petitions are pending with almost 33 million collected signatures equivalent to an average of 20,594 signatures per day.

He also noted that the office continues to collect feedback for future updates.

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