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DoD IG Data Center Consolidation Report Calls for Reduction Strategy Revision

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DoD logo resizeThe Defense Department Inspector General has urged the DoD chief information officer to revise the department’s data center consolidation strategy to work toward its 60-percent goal by fiscal 2018.

DoD IG said in a report released Tuesday the department and its components did not meet the requirement to consolidate 40 percent of its data centers in 2015 in accordance with the Federal Data Center Consolidation Initiative.

According to the report, only 18 percent of the 3,115 data centers indicated in DoD’s Data Center Inventory Management system were closed by the end of fiscal 2015 because the DoD CIO did not revise DoD’s strategy toward the 40-percent goal after the Office of Management and Budget included smaller facilities in the definition of data centers.

The report added that the CIOs of DoD and its components did not check DCIM data accuracy, which could invalidate Congress’ assessment of DoD’s data center reduction results.

DoD IG also recommended that the DoD CIO establish a process to monitor component progress on FDCCI goals and that the military service and Defense Information Systems Agency CIOs update their DCIM information validation processes to mitigate future inaccuracies.


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