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DHS to Require Real ID Act-Compliant Driver’s Licenses From Air Travelers

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DHS - ExecutiveMosaicThe Department of Homeland Security will require travelers to present at airports driver’s licenses and identification cards that comply with the provisions of the Real ID Act this year, the New York Times reported Dec. 29.

Driver’s licenses and ID cards that comply with Real ID Act must have a machine-readable magnetic chip that carries the owner’s personal information such as name, photo, physical attributes, signature, date of birth, Social Security number and citizenship status, according to the Times.

GCN reports DHS announced in 2013 that it would implement the law in four phases with plans to enforce “Phase 4” in 2016.

Under Phase 4 of the enforcement plan, the department would require passengers with IDs from noncompliant states to present other forms of acceptable identification in order to be allowed to board federally regulated aircraft.

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